US Election

December 13, 2016

Full Moon in Gemini. Your magician apprenticeship begins.

“Working with Mercury means that one must cultivate the art of recognising significant communications, knowing what is truth and what is falsehood, or else the lessons of the crossroads- the point where doors open or close, where persons have to make decisions that may forever affect their lives- will be lost. ~ Robert Farris Thompson. “Flash of the Spirit’.   It’s been a long and event-filled year.  Most of you reading this will have stories to tell about 2016.   Plenty of  pages of  many, many diaries will have been filled with as many  journeys, personal and collective; some pain-filled, some pleasurable. Each entry, whether written down on paper or transmuted through internal analysis will have incurred some form of Awakening; some […]
November 19, 2016
heart love

Parenting through chaos and crisis.

“A society’s destiny rests on how it treats its’ children.”  Robin Grille. Recent weeks have given rise to unprecedented change and great uncertainties for now and for the future. If you’re a parent, the future of society will be VERY important to you. It is important because it’s where your children are heading.  Concern for  their future is a dedicated parents’ primary motivation.  It’s how we show we love our kids.  It’s why and how we educate them, attempt to keep them healthy and endeavor to embed them with  values we hope will contribute to their sustainablity and well-being. There is an instinctive mechanism that comes to the fore in times of uncertainty.  It’s called protection.  We’re hard-wired to protect our kids […]
November 13, 2016

Gems and white doves: The Supermoon and it’s charge (of the light brigade).

Umbilika’s purpose is not solely dedicated to the raising of children in the traditional sense, but also deeply connected to the raising of Consciousness per se.  The two go very much hand in hand. Parenting FOR and Parenting (bringing forth) A New Reality, is central to its’ passion. Being the bridge between outworn ideologies and new paradigms is paramount. It is clear that recent events culminating in the surprise outcome of the US elections have sent a tectonic wave of shock that is reverberating across the whole of the World and through all of us leaving us feeling bewildered, shattered and even homeless.  The Refugee Crisis has hit us all. What we thought was safe has been bombed.  The masses are suffering from […]
November 6, 2016


The energetics of the moment are asking us to stand strong in softness. Resistance is not boundary giving or productive, it, in fact, holds what we wish for away from us. Standing by our Selves involves strength and openness, not tension or obstruction. Learning how to hold our own, stand by our beliefs, our innate wisdom and knowing without entering the ‘fight’ is the way of the wise warrior. There are many of us being called to action right now. The desire is willing but the flesh weak. There is a stirring and a whirring of ancient knowledge that is being activated. It is not fully birthed or clear but we ‘feel’ its presence speak to us in unfamiliar tongues.   It […]