November 29, 2016

All they need is love. Mirror, mirror on the wall….

All they need is LOVE.. A trite, over worn statement perhaps, but almost maddening in its’ simple truth. Parenting was never meant to be hard. We made it so. So what IS this love that we say our children need?   It’s in the ruffling of their hair as you go past them doing their homework.   It’s in the learning to let go of judgment even when it masks itself as good intentioned.  Judgment isn’t the work of love. It breeds division, destruction and distance.   It’s in the seams of the costume for the school play you work on into the late hours of the nigh,t even when you can’t sew.   It’s in the breast that you offer the […]
November 13, 2016

Gems and white doves: The Supermoon and it’s charge (of the light brigade).

Umbilika’s purpose is not solely dedicated to the raising of children in the traditional sense, but also deeply connected to the raising of Consciousness per se.  The two go very much hand in hand. Parenting FOR and Parenting (bringing forth) A New Reality, is central to its’ passion. Being the bridge between outworn ideologies and new paradigms is paramount. It is clear that recent events culminating in the surprise outcome of the US elections have sent a tectonic wave of shock that is reverberating across the whole of the World and through all of us leaving us feeling bewildered, shattered and even homeless.  The Refugee Crisis has hit us all. What we thought was safe has been bombed.  The masses are suffering from […]
August 4, 2016

Newborn Love.

What I once thought was love Stands shabbily clad Bedraggled. head hung low In the dust of my departure That thing I called love Is but a poor cousin to What now runs through my veins This new love life force Plays, cavorts and bubbles briskly.   No heaviness of heart Does it hold For it knows This love carries nothing But it carries everything, Swiftly, easily It is full but empty Swollen with feeling Yet free. That thing I offered once as love Is a shrunken violet Beautiful but small Compared to the rose That blossoms in my bosom now. That love contracted pale and wan Lies now gently in the shadow Of this expanded, grander Self. This new love is […]
June 25, 2016

Why do we keep having more children?

With everything that appears to be going on, going wrong with our world today I am often asked if we should really be bringing more children into our lives, or what the purpose of having children is all about. What is this innate desire to have a child for? Why does it inflict so many of us? Today, whilst in the midst of thoughts about Brexit, Trump, Orlando and more I was witness to the following.   I was enjoying a quiet coffee in the winter sunshine when I saw a beautiful Black toddler of about 2 spy another White as White little boy across the coffee shop. With no hesitation she made a bee line for the chubby cherub and approached […]