Conscious Coaching

Being involved with children is an ongoing process. It’s not by accident that the word maternal (and paternal) sounds like ‘eternal! From big, high impact issues that seriously affect family and children, to the mutiane of everyday niggles, we all could do with a little help navigating this infinite rewarding and oftentimes confounding journey with our precious ones.1

Umbilka offers support and insight from a heart-centered perspective. Practicality always features because if a seemingly wonderful theory doesn’t work, it’s not the right pathway for that time or situation.

Raising future generations is a delicate balancing act of applying unconditional love with our feet firmly on the ground of Now whilst allowing a New Reality to emerge.

To be a parent in our rapidly changing times inevitably involves personal growth. Parenting oneself and knowing yourself and how you affect your child, is par for the course.

Umbilika aims to support adults and children from all walks of life,  inspiring them to keep as connected to their hearts and free from fear.


“The ‘voice’ of the child is the ‘voice’ of humanity.”

With over 25 years of experience with children, family life, teaching, mentoring and personal growth Umbilika knows what it takes to raise a balanced, happy child and retain an adults integrity.  The services available are dedicated to helping you hold space with your child and support you on your own journeys.

The philosophy is that we are all in ‘this’ together; the more we collaborate the more we co-create the potential for an improved individual and Collective life experience.





  Multi-dimensional, Personal Sessions.

“You cannot say you love a child and worry about them. Love and fear are two opposing frequencies.  We must learn to love them differently” 

Stressed?  Overwhelmed?  Losing touch with your child or even with yourself?

These are all feelings that inevitably accompany the parenting process.  You are not alone!

Parenting is the primary relationship; the one which will colour all future relating habits of your child.

We all have a narrative that co-creates our experience. This story is often peppered with unconscious outworn patterns, conditioning and beliefs that no longer serve us as individuals or in our relationships.

Often our children are instigators and catalysts for change: a change of practices and a change of beliefs.

Major inner and outer shifts are pushing the wise ones to align their parenting practice with these new, emergent truths. Resistance to this natural and necessary evolution can create hardship and the perpetuation of confounding circumstances, none more profound than those we encounter on our journeys with our children and as a parent.
At the core of effective and empowering relating lies good communication.  Like all sentient beings children communicate in a variety of ways.

  • Linguistically.
  • Behaviourally.
  • Emotionally.
  • Socially.
  • Physically.
  • Through health issues.
  • Through educational issues.
  • Through their energy field – invisibly.

Understanding your child so as to walk a mutually, respectful path of best parenting practice, is helped by accessing this multi-dimensional language.

Becoming literate in this ‘language’ takes time, experience and effort.

I’ve been a successful and compassionate translator of this multi-dimensional communication for most of my life: A sign and symbol reader, a master metaphysician and interpreter of the many diverse ways  children communicate their needs and experience.

In these Personal Sessions, I take you on a journey that connects and uses both the obvious and the sub-text of your circumstances with/of your child and yourself, to re-invent, empower and change perspectives and outcomes.

This powerful process transforms distress and difficulty into love and ease.

Umbilika’s personal consults are educated, practical, intuitive, metaphysical, energy readings that provide a bridge between a current reality and a more desired one.

The following can be covered according to your own personal needs.  It is common for the consults to traverse all of the below.

  • Parenting the infant.
  • Parenting the young child.
  • Parenting the adolescent.
  • Parenting the adult child.
  • Parenting the parent.

I invite you to allow Umbilika support you in creating the experience you know you can have for and with your child and yourself.

What’s in it for me?  Includes a consult of up to 1 & 1/2 hrs via email or Skype, a written report or recording if required and Flower Essences (see below)  if needed/preferred.
Follow up sessions via email or Skype available on request.



     k3933659Cosmic Kid. Astrology for Parenting:

 For when you wish you had a manual for your child.

“Every one of us is, in the cosmic perspective, precious.  In a hundred billion galaxies, you will not find another.”- Carl Sagan

Getting a chart reading for my 4-year-old, 20 years ago was one of the most profound and useful things I ever did with regard to relating to my own children and those I encountered through work.

It launched me into a deep and enduring interest in astrology. I completed professional studies in it and have used it creatively to support and mentor many parent-child relationships and even inform my creativity and teaching techniques in the classroom

To know your child from the perspective of their astrological blueprint, understand their innate strengths or needs and to have a secret window into how they perceive you as a parent is an incredibly powerful tool to have in your belt as a conscious parent.

These readings support your child’s personal and educational development and can really help you relate more effectively in times of difficulty or stress. Knowledge is power!

What’s in it for me?  Includes chart reading and written report.  Add Flower Essences (see below) specific to your needs.



    spiral-plant_152695157   Flower Power: Vibrational Medicine.

“There is nothing stronger in the world than gentleness.” – Han Suyin

We are all quantum beings, vibrating with energies that affect our emotional, social and psychological state. Our cells respond according to these experiences which in turn impacts our physical, emotional and behavioural health. For example, on a simple level, we all know that when we are nervous we often feel it in our stomach and when we are stressed we get headaches. The connection between the emotional/mental/psychological is not new.

Flower Essences have been used for centuries. Umbilika uses Australian Bush Flowe Essences as they are said to currently, be the most powerful, yet gentle Flower elixirs available. This is due to the fact that Australia has the world’s oldest and highest number of flowering plants and is relatively unpolluted both in terms of it’s physical and energetic environment.  Also, compared to other land masses across the globe, Australia has been the least impacted by human violence such as war.  This results in soils that are less ‘contaminated’ vibrationally allowing these particular flower essences to house great potency.

In addition, elixirs from native plant life have been used successfully by the indigenous people of Australia for thousands of years. Aboriginal medicine uses the dew drops that collect in flowers at dawn for healing purposes.

Flower essences are ‘new’ medicine with ancient imprints needed for our evolving times

Childhood is a period of time that involves innumerable transitions and uncountable changes. Developmental milestones, schooling, social situations and fluctuations in health are all areas that can be supported with the use of Flower Essences.

They are a beautiful, effective but very gentle way of helping your family from conception to birth and onwards.

Flower Essence consults can be used as an additional component to all other services.

What’s in it for me?  A comprehensive consult in person or via Skype/email to understand your child’s or your needs physical and emotional and the choosing, preparation and delivery of individualised Flower Essences that you can take away with you or have posted to you if you live in an area with a reliable postage system.


Email for booking, further information or indeed anything you might want to share.